Cody Sullivan

Branch Manager I
Location: St. Charles, Missouri
Team member since: 2019
Career Path: Personal Banker I, Personal Banker II, Assistant Branch Manager, Branch Manager I

I had no idea that I wanted to work in banking.

Hi, my name's Cody Sullivan, I'm a branch manager with Commerce Bank, and I've worked here for four years.

I had no idea that I wanted to work in banking. I got an opportunity to work here and took it, and I've loved it ever since. Here at Commerce Bank, I feel significantly supported. I am constantly offered different courses to develop and learn and grow myself outside of just the standard role.
For me, what's rewarding in my job is helping people grow. Helping my employees and my coworkers, helping them develop and move forward in their careers or reach what they want in their lives, that is what's rewarding to me.

I've been able to help a couple of my employees move up in positions that were not really in their field. I helped them explore different areas by giving them different development courses and allowing them to shadow with people and kind of learn and experience that. They've been able to get outside of just the retail market and see what's out there, and then grow even further in what they want to do.

I would say that if you are looking to apply for a job at Commerce and you want to have a career that really supports you and your individualism and real help in developing yourself, then this is the place to work.