Elsie Becker

Senior Supervisor, Wire Transfer
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Team member since: 2021
Career Path: Bank Operations Trainee, Wire Transfer Supervisor, Senior Supervisor Wire Transfer

I knew I wanted to be a leader.

Hey, my name's Elsie Becker and I am the domestic wire transfer here at Commerce Bank, and I have worked at Commerce for two years.

I did not always know I wanted to work at a bank. What I did know is that I always wanted to be a leader, so finding a position where I could be in management was really important to me, and Commerce offered me a great opportunity to do that.

Commerce has helped me be that leader by really modeling that for me in my own management chain. Various leadership development programs have also allowed me to learn specific skills about working with a wide variety of people and how to manage individuals differently, which is a really important part of being flexible and adaptable as a leader as well.

I think the biggest surprise about working at Commerce would be seeing how well Commerce really invests in its people, because any company could say that they do that, but seeing that lived out here at Commerce and all of the opportunities that I've been given to grow as a person, grow as a leader, grow as a team, has been really amazing to see.

If you think banking is boring, that's not true, and I think I'm here to stand as a representative of that. As a member of Generation Z, we are some of the youngest people in the workforce right now, and we're here and we're making differences, and we're making changes in the way that we work and the way that we serve our customers. I hope that people like me can show you that
banking is really exciting and there's a lot of innovation going on, and we're ready to propel that into the future.