Jerrell Thomas

Digital Product Manager I
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Team member since: 2013
Career Path: Senior Mail Representative, Administrative Assistant II, Salesforce Consultant I - Commercial, Digital Product Manager I

This is a place where you can thrive.

Hi, I'm Jerrell Thomas, and I'm a Digital Product Manager, and I've been with Commerce for nine years. I came to Commerce not really knowing too much about the ins and outs of banking, but wanted to make sure that I was following something or a team or a culture that I thought would be most beneficial where I could develop.

It was actually surprising the amount of energy, the amount of time, the amount of focus that the bank has on the community. In my time here, I've gone back to school, I've gotten tuition
reimbursement, I've had leaders, my management team, who encouraged me to look
for those opportunities. There's never a situation where I feel like I'm going to be told no if it's something that can improve me professionally and personally.

Anyone considering working at Commerce, I would say if you don't know what you want to do or if you're looking to grow within whatever you are already doing, Commerce has the tools here to help you do that. It helps you be productive. The culture that we're building here lets you be
yourself, and in that state is when you can be the brightest. You can be the most productive.

So, anyone, again, looking to come here, I would say keep your mind open to it and just know that this is a place where you can be supported and you can thrive.