Julissa Okwara

Systems Analyst III - Consumer Servicing 
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Team member since: 2016
Career Path: Fraud Specialist I,
​​​​​​​Fraud Investigator, Enterprise Fraud Systems Support & Data Analyst

You can get your feet wet and take off from there.

Hi, I'm Julissa Okwara. I'm the system support and data analyst for Enterprise Fraud Management, and I've been with Commerce for a little over six years.

I had a really long career in retail. I was getting burnt out. I had a child, wanted to spend more time. Luckily, there was a position open at Commerce for someone in fraud. I was like, "Fraud, that sounds fun. Sounds better than collecting money for people." That's literally how I started working at Commerce.

I think the benefits of working at Commerce really are if you have a career focused mind, this is a great company to start at. You can literally get your feet wet and take off from there. There are so many different things that Commerce has to offer you as a person, and I think they would appreciate a lot of different ideas, thoughts, just different people. I think it's great.

I feel supported by Commerce through the different ERGs we have. There are lots of different kinds. I'm very active in our Vibe ERG, where it's definitely centered around culture. We talk about being very inclusive. If I express myself or if I share a personal experience, I feel heard. I just feel really comfortable being myself here.

If someone was consider working at Commerce Bank, I'd say do it. What do you have to lose? There's lots of opportunities. If you don't fit in one department, there's lots of other departments you can work with. There are great people that work here. I've been very fortunate to be aligned with great mentors, great support, so it's a great positive experience working here.