Kenneth Lee

​​​​​​​Senior Compliance Monitoring Analyst
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Team member since: 2017
Career Path: Remittance Processing Specialist, Senior Compliance Monitoring Analyst

You can find where you fit.

Hi. My name is Kenneth Lee. I am a Senior Monitoring Analyst with the Risk Management Group. I've been with the bank for six years.

The reason I came to Commerce Bank was because I needed a part-time job, because I had to buy a new car. And I found a job where I could work on the weekends, and I just fell in love with the bank and decided I wanted to make that my full-time job. When I started part-time, I worked in the Lockbox. I was a QC auditor. And now in the Risk Management team, I am an analyst. And we test all the different departments in accordance with the regulators. So we are like the auditors before the actual audit.

There are different levels of audit. There's different aspects of IT. There's different aspects of anything in the financial industry. So I think that it's just getting in, and then you can find where you fit. And I think that there's a place for everybody. I think it's just finding the puzzle, the actual piece. But I think that there are so many different avenues and aspects of the bank that not even I thought existed before I started working here.

I feel supported by Commerce just because they allow me to grow and they allow me to be who I am. There's a lot of tenure with Commerce. I find that a lot of people have been here over 20 years. And you don't get that from a company that's not progressive. You don't get that from a company that doesn't invest in your growth. That's really what I think is the best part of working at Commerce. It's allowed me to step outside of myself and be the best possible version that I
can be.