Amy Haegele

Senior Manager, Talent Development
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Team member since: 1999
Career Path: Contact Center Manager, Contact Manager Strategic Sales Manager, Senior Talent Devepment Consultant, Manager, Talent Development, Senior Manager Talent Development

I want to continue to ensure that people who work at Commerce feel that they belong here.

Hi, I am Amy Haegele and I'm a Senior Manager in Talent Development, and I
have worked at Commerce for 24 years. I started in the Contact Center in St. Louis and did that for 16 years. Then I kind of reflected upon, "What do I want to do the rest of my life? What do I really enjoy when I come into work?" And that was developing people.

So I went around the bank and I said, "Okay, how can I make a living doing what I love?" And again, that's developing people. So, talked to other people in other departments. At that point, I didn't have my degree, and so I went back to school. I had two young children at the time, a one- and a three-year old, which is the best time to go back to school, in night school, when you have two young kids. But I did it and graduated and then made the move over to Talent Development.

People ask what the future holds for me. I want to continue to ensure that people who work at Commerce feel like they belong here. I don't think that work is ever done because I think that that's changing all the time. We could put things in place today that may not be relevant tomorrow. I think we need to keep our finger on the pulse of what those things are so people can feel like this is a place that they can come to and it's a safe place for them. They can grow throughout their career.

They can start in a Contact Center and become a Senior VP within the company.
They can start as a personal banker and go to IT and do all of these other things.
For me, I want to make sure that that continues to happen.