Tramonte Miller

Personal Banker II
Location: Columbia, Missouri
Team member since: 2021
Career Path: Personal Banker I, Personal Banker II

"Don't you need a degree to work in banking? No."

Hi, I'm Tramonte Miller. I am a Personal Banker and I've been with Commerce Bank for about two years now.

So it's kind of crazy story how I started here. I banked with Commerce Bank through my first job, and my banker was like, "Hey, you're always coming in smiling. Have you ever considered working with Commerce Bank?" And I was like, "No, don't you need a degree?" And she was like, "No. Literally, just apply right now." And so I applied and here I am.

I'm 22 years old, so I'm fairly young. For those who are young and coming inside the bank, I love educating because not many people know how to write a check or how to file taxes. These are a lot of things that I taught myself. So it's very rewarding for me to share that info and educate people who are like me.

Commerce Bank really tries to include everyone with everything. They never want anyone to feel left out. And I appreciate that because I'm the type of person that likes to be included in everything. I like to have my hands on, and I like to make connections with people. So I appreciate that Commerce includes everyone.

I think my biggest thing is I'm not scared of sharing my own experiences and I'm not scared showing a little bit of my personality. And I feel like Commerce Bank really doesn't restrict me. They really give you open ground to express yourself. I'm a big fan of culture. I like to make sure that my work environment is comfortable. I like to make sure that I can work with my coworkers and also like to make connections with the customers as well. So I feel like the biggest aspect
that I enjoy when working is just making sure it's a positive environment.