Vasu Ganesh

Software Development Engineer I
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Team member since: 2021
Career Path: IT Associate Developer, Software Development Engineer I

There's something for everyone here.

Hi, I'm Vasu Ganesh. I'm a Software Development Engineer I with online banking here at Commerce Bank, and I've been working here for about one and a half years.

The big thing that drew me to Commerce was that for new grads they have this program called the Developer Acceleration Program. So essentially for new grads, you come in and work with other new IT employees coming in, and you all work on this onboarding project for a couple months. And then you get to bounce around on different teams at the bank, see what they're working with, and gauge where your interests lie with all that kind of stuff. I thought that was pretty cool because I came in not quite knowing what I wanted to do after graduating.

The best part of working at Commerce is definitely getting to work with the people that are on my team. Really friendly people, really helpful people. If I ever have any kind of questions, I can go talk to them about that. I never really have any hesitation talking to people if I have any kind of questions.

Culture here is fantastic. I really like it here a lot. You'll get an opportunity to work with different teams, with different technologies on totally different problems sometimes, and maybe one of them interests you. Maybe you find out you like working on DevOps stuff, or maybe you find out you like working with online banking stuff, or web dev stuff. So there's something for everyone in the IT space here.

If you don't know what you want to do, Commerce Bank is a pretty great place with great people working here and they're always super helpful. And you'll never really feel lost coming here, that's for sure.